HR Compliance

With the ever-changing employment laws and the landscape of statutes of labour laws constantly evolving, it takes a special agility to keep abreast of all the latest developments and ensure compliance.

Technology Solutions

We Indians talk about digitalization in governance; likewise it is time to automate human resource management in our organization. Here HRLabz plays a vital role in developing technology based solutions to manage organizational resources

Statutory Compliance

The rapidly evolving HR compliance policies are posing a serious challenge to start-ups, small as well as mid-sized companies. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the HR professionals to keep themselves updated with the latest rules and regulations in order to prevent non-compliance. In fact, non-compliance with the policies not only tarnishes an organization’s image, but also imposes a heavy financial and legal burden o

Labour Audit

Labour Audit is a regular activity that involves a thorough check of a company’s policies ensuring its compliance with the prevalent laws so as to protect the company from damaging lawsuits. At HRLabz, we prepare a report of our client’s risk profile from a legal standpoint and identify gaps that need to be corrected.

HR Audit

HRLabz specializes in conducting comprehensive Human Resource Audits to help clients identify the prevalent organizational development challenges and overcome them with ease. We bring a unique perspective to the table which can help clients manage talent effectively with reduced employment and administrative cost. We conduct audits that offer an objective, result-oriented assessment of the HR strategy and its contribution to the