Bass HRLabz LLP, is part of a Bass Holdings group of company and lead by young and enthusiastic team.

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We have a team of experts to meet all the needs of Human Resource Management. Our consultants and resources have served various industries, they have vast experience and knowledge in the area of expertise. We cater to all levels of organization and various industries. Our approaches are developed using scientific and tech solutions which gives professional, systematic results. HRLabz stands in providing quality service and support to act as an outsource partner for HR functions. We firmly believe in return on investment of our partners, ensuring our association for longer service. HRLabz, an outsource partner for your human resources management, who has experience in Talent Acquisition, HR compliance and advisory, Talent Management, Technology solution and Temp Staffing. HRLabz focuses on all the industry segments such as Infrastructure, Logistics, Engineering,Manufacturing, Consumer Durables, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, IT & ITES. HRLabz focus on building everlasting and enduring relationships with our clientee, by bridging talent and industry's requirement. HRLabz understands that organization needs are diverse according to their value system and demand in market. HRLabz offers cost effective and tailored solutions according to the organization's requirements.

HRLabz invests time to build the best industry knowledge among its consultants and we continuously work towards delivering higher value of standard services. HRLabz has a well-documented quality system which helps us to monitor and analyze our performance and enhance our service delivery standards. We have a dedicated team of people for monitoring and adhering to quality norms. HRLabz committed to deliver qualified and efficient talent within client's TAT. It undertakes due action to achieve continuous improvement in delivery process and customer interface. With constant increase in the scale of operation, HRLabz becomes an efficient resource partner offering end to end HR solutions, facilitating organizations to acquire the optimum HR support for flexible and permanent workforce in order to enhance the human productivity, quality and also helping the company to reduce employment related risks.


Nurturing human resource to human capital in an organization


To nurture the behavioural,knowledge and skill of human hands in an organization Automizing the HRM with right Tech resource

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