5 things that retains employees in your small business

5 things that retains employees in your small business

In a small business or a start up retaining an employee is a tough nut to crack as employees might be constantly looking out for bigger and bigger opportunities.

This article will talk about things other than the work scope and salary which makes your fellow employees to reconsider leaving you.

1.Celebrate Associations & Team Out - Employee Engagements




You as a start up founder or co-founder cannot expect your employees to work like you 24x7.They need refreshments and celebrations. Here are some moments where you can engage your employees well,

  • If you got a new client on-boarded, do not end with dropping an appreciation or association email, instead throw them a party. A cup of beer might hold your employee a little longer than a stack of appreciation emails.
  • Work, but not only work, grab your team out for a dinner or a weekend party. People work for good food too.
  • If you got a weekend but no money, plan for an outdoor game. People loving sports will find your company awesome.

These things will help employees connect more with colleagues personally than professionally which builds an emotional connect that makes them hard to think about leaving you.

Professional doesn't work? Try Emotional.

2.Give them Tangible Offers

Welcome freshers not just with words, but with some tangibles.

Do not give them words and hope only. Give them documents (Offer Letter, Appointment Order, Annexures, Company Policies, Payslips, ID Card, etc.) which will make them feel secure about their employment.

You can use free/ premium software tools for SMEs' which takes care of employment things and payroll and gives tangibles to them by itself.

Enough making them imagine. Let them feel

3.Make them run on dreams of you

They need reasons for sitting in a smaller place with a tiny team sacrificing themselves. Make them feel they’re doing a wonderful and powerful thing on their job.

If your dream is making pens,

Someone’s dream must be designing it,

Someone’s dream must be creating lovely ads for it.

Someone’s dream must be selling it.

Explain your dream/goal to them. Show your paths and milestones for success that makes them they are in the right place on the right path.

Tell em, We’re small. Yet powerful

4.Show them You're a stronger employer

Showing how strong you are to them is a call of duty. They don’t ask questions often but if they ask be quick and always have an answer.

If you’re going to perform a war you must know & let them know ,

Your opponent’s strength (competitor analysis),

You have enough Archeries filled up in your warship (resources),

You have enough soldiers to perform the right action (role and resource allocation).

Even a stronger leader with a good personality and characteristics will inspire people to work under them. So be strong and have a good leader.

Don’t prepare. Be Quick and Correct

5.Loose all formalities

Do away with the formalities and get down to business.

Eliminate the Hierarchy and address everyone by their first name, a CEO and a Receptionist should be treated exactly the same. Do not insist on using their titles, at the end of the day we are all humans.

Drop the dress code and get comfortable.

If people got rid of unnecessary hierarchies and formalities, they would have lot more fun , you can get a lot more done and they will feel happy too.

Loose Formalities. Make it Comfortable


For tools that take care of employment & payroll things in a Startup check this out.

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