How we improved usability of the Software to avoid unnecessary comunications

How we improved usability of the Software to avoid unnecessary comunications

We as a People & Pay management software provider, our primary goal is to reduce the workload with automation and to deliver accurate information.

We never try to replace manpower instead, we amplify their skills and save their valuable time to spend it on some-other quality works.

While we are achieving those, we found that “employees raise queries to HR or Finance Departments about their pay, tax and their presence in office (attendance or leave) ” more often before and after dispatching of salary. Although the digitally conveyed information is correct they need justification from the respective department person in an old school way. Hence HR or Finance department’s duty is not ending right after the dispatch of salaries, but it continues clarifying the repeated queries raised by employees.

HR worries about the queries raised by the employees

Hence we put a research to eliminate these unnecessary communications, we found something very interesting. We as people & Pay management software provider, our software has employee logins where they can view their salaries and other information (as it is a basic need for this software, our competitors also have the same ). But the usability of the same was very low. Maybe the employees found that not interesting. They get to sign in to their account once in a month or not even once in a month as they get their payslips right into their emails.

In our Application, we have recently integrated bio-metric devices to manage the end to end attendance system of an employee to our software. Hence with all the bunch of pay and attendance data which is accumulated, to overcome the above problem and to improve the usability of the online account in our product, we decided to implement a new dashboard which displays all their information at one place.

Here it is..!!!

New Employee Dashboard in PRIS

This dashboard enables the employees to check all of their information at one place. What it all does is,

1. Greetings & Wishes

To put a smile on their face while signing in to their account, The dashboard greets them every day and wishes them on their special occasion with a personalized message.

Special Day Greetings in Payroll Software PRIS

Myself widget conveys the current status of employee with the organization.

Myself Widget in PRIS - Employee Dashboard in Payroll

2. Pay & Attendance Insights

The Pay widget displays their past pays and YTD pay, where the employee can check their gross/net salary information.

View the salary and payslips in Payroll software PRIS - Employee Dashboard

In Attendance Insights they can see the daily attendance information in the way they can understand.Yes not just the numbers but with a message.

Realtime Attendance Integrated with Payroll - PRIS Employee Dashboard

The above widget appreciates them when they’re perfect and tells them to take care (regularize their attendance) when they worked less than their shift hours in a very understandable way.

And a separate data table is shown to display all the check-in/checkout punches and late/early out hours for every day in the month. It communicates the employee’s daily attendance activity more precisely and allows employees to export the same.

Biometric Attendance in Payroll Software - Employee Dashboard

3. Leave Widgets

It provides a quick view of past leave requests of an employee with its status and the leave balances available (for each Leave & Comp Offs) so that the employees can pre-plan the leaves accordingly.

Leave Management in Payroll Software - Employee Dashboard

4. Tax Assistant

We’ve found that many salaried people are not aware either the way to save their tax or the eligibilities to avail tax exemptions. Hence we’ve introduced an Income Tax Assistant to provide information on the savings made on each section, the percentage of taxable income over yearly income and the tax liability for the year right into their dashboard in a very understandable way.

Income Tax Calculation in Payroll Software - Tax Dashbaord

The data shared here are very accurate and up to date. Yes, You don’t need to wait for the year-end to plan your tax.

This Assistant helps employees to understand the income tax complex calculations better and gives them solutions to save their income by utilizing the exemptions. The mantra of the Assistant is “higher the percentage, lower the Tax”.

5. Smart Calendar

To improve personal communications and relations among employees, smartCal notifies the employee about their colleague’s birthdays and anniversaries with a link to wish them on their special days.

Calendar in Employee Dashboard - Payroll

After we've successfully deployed the dashboard with few clients of us, One of our client's employee appreciated that “he felt very special when the dashboard wished for his birthday at the start of his workday” said in an email.

It was a happy moment for us, We as a Team made people happy beyond the business operations. It feels great though.


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