HRLabz specializes in conducting comprehensive Human Resource Audits to help clients identify the prevalent organizational development challenges and overcome them with ease. We bring a unique perspective to the table which can help clients manage talent effectively with reduced employment and administrative cost. We conduct audits that offer an objective, result-oriented assessment of the HR strategy and its contribution to the company’s growth and development.

An HR Audit encompasses reviewing the existing human resources policies and procedures, to determine the scope for improvement. It also assesses the compliance with the evolving landscape of HR rules and regulations to prevent any legal complications.

The audit includes the review of the following aspects:

  • Recruitment Process
  • Employee Induction
  • Remuneration and Benefits
  • Appraisal Process
  • Separation Policies
  • Employee Documentation

The primary objective of an HR Audit is to turn the spotlight on the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s HR department. The audit concludes with the determination of key challenges faced by the HR team and suggestion of feasible solutions that remedy the situation with ease.

Some of the benefits of an HR Audit are as follows:

  • Enforces optimal utilization of an organization’s human resource capital
  • Motivates the HR and the Management team for better performance
  • Develops a plan of action for the future with clear goals and objectives
  • Ensures compliance pertaining to the administration
  • Conducts due diligence review for key stakeholders
  • Builds credibility and reputation of the company

The Indian legal framework is rich with laws that impact the various stages of employment making it very complicated for the HR team to conduct a regular audit of the policies and procedures. HRLabz has the resources and technology to conduct an HR audit for your organization to help you identify the mandatory compliances and establish systematic adherence to these.

To avoid huge penalties associated with non-compliance, entrust HRLabz with the responsibility of conducting regular HR Audits for your company. Our team of experts will thoroughly review the existing policies and procedures and recommend ways to strengthen them reducing the company’s overall cost of employment.

With the support of an experienced workforce, we can assist you in conducting comprehensive HR Audits that will play a significant role in helping you achieve your growth goals.