Labour Audit is a regular activity that involves a thorough check of a company’s policies ensuring its compliance with the prevalent laws so as to protect the company from damaging lawsuits. At HRLabz, we prepare a report of our client’s risk profile from a legal standpoint and identify gaps that need to be corrected.  

We have a portfolio of renowned clients from a wide range of industries. Our experience has made us adept at handling the unique compliance requirements of a multitude of companies operating in varied industries. We can absolutely customize the labour audits according to our client’s needs and offer bespoke solutions that aim to exceed their expectations.

We have a committed team of expert professionals with extensive background knowledge of Indian Industrial Labor Laws. Our proficient team ensures that they offer adequate education to the clients so that they can cultivate an overall culture of compliance and prioritize labour law compliance.

Our team confirms the applicability of the Labour laws in the organization. We also thoroughly check the remittances of contributions under Provident Fund, Employees Sate Insurance, and Labour Welfare Fund & Profession Tax. Validity of the Licenses and Registration Certificates is verified and returns are also completely analyzed.

The Audit is comprehensive in nature and seeks to cover the relevant rules and regulations that pertain to the client’s industry. It touches the following aspects:

  • Determination of the laws that significantly affect the business of the client.
  • Conducting a review of the existing practices and systems in place.
  • Analyzing the level of compliance that the current process manages to achieve and identifying loopholes.
  • Recommending ways to attain complete labour compliance that is aligned with the latest policies and developments.
  • Generating a report highlighting the facts revealed during audit- Practices, Gaps, and Recommendations.
  • Ensuring that the recommended system is executed in a systematic manner with continued support.

HRLabz is equipped to manage compliance with all the prevalent Labour Laws. We ensure that you do not have to pay hefty penalties arising out of non-compliance by conducting a thorough review and mitigating all the associated risks.